Vital Health’s mission is to change the way we think about, assess, and treat conditions in the body. Current industry standards have a passive role in treatment and focus on treating primarily symptoms. The system we implement focuses on identifying the root cause of dysfunction. Our active and synergistic approach helps to correct this dysfunction, offers objective and measurable improvement, and optimizes performance. Vital Health services a broad spectrum of needs. We focus equally on the complex details of enhancing musculoskeletal function as we do on the finite details of nutrition and immune function. Whether you are a professional or recreational athlete, someone in pain or injured, or someone seeking greater wellness, Vital Health has “the secret sauce” for every lifestyle. We provide the highest quality through our three-tiered approach, which is built on service, experience, and value. Where others fall short, Vital Health delivers.


In 2015, Zeshan and Nafeesa founded Vital Health Wellness Center on the premise of creating a facility that would serve and support the community, their families, and each other in becoming the best versions of themselves. While only in their early twenties, both Zeshan and Nafeesa had witnessed their families struggle with health concerns and their communities deal with crises. They knew there was a missing link in the picture and were exhausted with systems that they felt did not address the entirety of this big picture. From the onset, Zeshan and Nafeesa knew that an optimal quality of life was dependent on many criteria. They also understood that all of these components that contributed to supreme health must be delivered with the highest quality in order to not only yield results but to achieve maximum benefits. Peak health relies not on just the status of our physical endurance, but also on the integrity of our organ systems and the connectivity between our tissues and fibers. Health is a compilation of not only how well we can move, but how deeply we can breathe, how well we can absorb nutrients, how efficiently we can eliminate toxins, how robust our immune system can remain, and how clean our thoughts can be. A deficiency in one system often leads to a deficiency in another. They knew that all aspects of health needed to be addressed equally and without compromise to quality. This vision has guided the direction of their business from its roots. Zeshan and Nafeesa compassionately and creatively generated a business model that focused not just on all these elements, but also on education to the public and establishing therapeutic relationships so that their community was finally able to discover a new way to heal.