What is manual therapy, what is our approach?

Manual therapy refers to a “hands on” approach to treating pain and injury to the body via passive movements of joints and soft tissue. The purpose of manual therapy is to help mobilize joints, break down scar tissue, remove restrictions, increase range of motion, reprogram neuromuscular connections, decrease pain and normalize a person’s overall function of their body.  Manual therapy can consist of a broad range of techniques and disciplines such as cupping, massage, joint mobilizations, Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilizations (IASTM) myofascial release and Active release techniques (ART) just to name a few. A combination of these personalized techniques is at the core of Vital Health’s philosophy and thus delivers unmatched results.

Manual Therapy Results

  • Benefits

    • Decreased pain
    • Improved range of motion and flexibility
    • Quicker recovery and improved tissue quality
    • Increase in circulation
    • Increase in muscle relaxation
    • Increase in athletic performance
  • What Can it Help With

    • Chronic aches and pains, such as plantar fasciitis
    • Injuries, such as tennis and golf elbow
    • Scar tissue build up
    • Stiffness and tightness