What is Nutrition and what is our approach?

Nutritional support means more than just asking someone,”Are you eating the right foods?” It also means asking, “How much of those nutrients are you actually absorbing?” When it comes to what we consume, there are many factors to consider that go far beyond just making better choices or strategizing on a meal plan. These factors include the quality of nutrients, food supply sourcing, the quality and state of your digestive system, allergies and sensitivities, among several others. 


Nutritional support at Vital Health means you don’t get a cookie-cutter response or a one-size-fits-all answer to your nutritional questions. We recognize the importance of addressing individual differences when discussing nutrition. Making positive nutritional changes can show us exactly how what we eat is so intricately connected to how we function, feel, and move through life.


Our Approach includes discussing nutritional goals, assessing quality of current food intake, assessing nutritional sensitivities, evaluating digestive health, discussing lifestyle factors, and a step by step implementation of easy-to-follow modifications 

Nutrition Results

  • Benefits

    • Improved sleep
    • Build muscle
    • Burn fat
    • Healthy digestion
    • Positive outlook
    • Improved and sustained energy
    • Stress reduction
    • Flush out toxins
  • What Can it Help With

    • Nutrient deficiencies
    • Concerns of weight loss or weight gain
    • Poor physical performance
    • Brain fog
    • Lack of energy