What is Skin Care and what is our approach?

Our facials and whole body treatments were designed to not only create a luxurious atmosphere of relaxation, but to also yield results. Being the largest organ and the first line of defense in our immune system, the skin not only protects us from environmental toxins and damaging rays, but also from infectious pathogens. Regular detoxification and routine cleansing supports our skin as it fights for us every day. Glowing skin is a sign of skin health. Our skin care strategy not only offers a gentle yet effective approach, but is coupled with guidance and consultation on a skin care routine at home, that is best suited to your skin type. Being aware that the body’s organ systems are synergistic and interdependent, we also understand that our physical health and condition of our innermost organs contributes to the health of our outermost skin. Protection and promotion of youthful radiant skin is widely discussed during our nutritional evaluations and is often a necessary component of a complete skin care regimen. We can’t skip any steps when it comes to achieving clean, balanced, and vibrant skin.

Skin Care Results

  • Benefits

    • Cleanse and exfoliate skin
    • Open up pores and detoxify skin
    • Promote blood circulation
    • Prevent aging and tighten skin
    • Remove blackheads and whiteheads
    • Reducing marks or scars
    • Decrease under eye bags and dark circles
    • Keep skin soft, clear, and glowing
  • What Can it Help With

    • Acne
    • Scarring and Blemishes
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Signs of aging